Return Additional Field from SharePoint Designer Workflow Task

Problem: You create a workflow that starts a task process that assigns tasks to individuals and uses a custom outcome field.  You want to return a field from the task to use in another workflow.

Solution: Use “Assign A Task” instead of “Start a Task Process” so you can use the Task ID variable.

See: SharePoint Stack Exchange for detailed, very appreciated, instructions!



SharePoint – [Today] to include Time in Filter View

Problem: You have a SharePoint List.  You want a view of the list that filters items based on a time not aligned with the 24-hour “Today” time period.  For example, you want to see items created between 10:00am yesterday and 9:59am today.


  1. Create a new column in the list for “EndDate”
  2. Create a workflow
    • set the time 10:00am for “Today” as the variable “Start Time”
    • add 1 day to “Today” and set that day to the variable “Today Plus One”
    • set the time 9:59am for the variable “Today Plus One” and assign to the variable “Todays End Date”
    • Set the “EndDate” column created in step one to “Today’s End Date”
  3. Create a view that filters the data to only show items where “EndDate” is greater than Today.
  4. Edit the view in SPD to include Time: <Value Type=”DateTime” IncludeTimeValue=”True”>