Add Custom Fonts to SharePoint Site

Your company brand uses a particular paid font(s) for all communications and wants the SharePoint branded intranet use those fonts as well.  To do this, you need to create a font-face declaration…

  1. Upload font files to your SharePoint Site Style Library (create a new folder named “font” if needed).
  2. Open the css file that comes with  your font files (created by the font-face generator).
  3. Rearrange the order of the font declaration so it will work in Chrome to the following order:
    .eot embedded-opentype
  4. Copy the font declaration into the top of your main stylesheet and adjust the url path so it points to the fonts you’ve just added.

Reference: Avtex Blog


Add a Print Button to a SharePoint Page

Sometimes people want a button for users to click on to print a SharePoint webpage.  To do this, you need to add the following code to the page using a Content Editor Webpart:

<input onclick=”window.print();” type=”button” value=”Print this page”/>

Reference: MSDN Dev Center


SharePoint 2013 Videos

If you create an Asset Library to store videos, the video format must be in wmv or mp4 format to work in SharePoint 2013.


  • The default threshold for files is 250MB.  (you can change this within the web application, but performance may suffer with a large number of files)
  • Android phones prompt for Silverlight installation to view the video.
  • iPhones prompt for Silverlight installation to view the video.


Use YouTube.

  • High quality videos
  • HTML 5 makes viewing possible from any device or OS.
  • Embed YouTube video using CEWP < Ribbon “Insert” < Video and Audio < Embed < enter the iFrame embed code from YouTube.
  • Can also Embed  in SitePage by choosing “Insert” < Embed Code